Shannon's Classic Car Show

Sunday 8th March 2020
Neal Crocker

How time flies, I cannot believe that it was two years ago that the club had a presence at the Classic Car Show. This was the first year that our club had our own designated area and it was excellent to see a great selection of cars from our club on display.
A few of us met up with the members of the Charger Club at their clubrooms at Belmont Sports and Recreation Centre car park around 8am and then we travelled in convoy to the Ascot race course. We were located immediately adjacent to our friends at the Charger Club so that we could have a larger Chrysler section at the show. The location was well positioned within the grounds and the trees provided some nice shade, although the portable Gazebo that Tom and Bridget brought with them was very welcomed by us. (I ended up getting a mild “sun tan” so I can only imagine what my tan would look like without the protection.)
The other benefit of being located there was the quick and easy access to the “exit” so instead of having to wait an hour just to get out it was quick and easy. If in future we decide to do this again I would definitely put my vote in for that location again. When wandering around looking at the cars on display, immediately behind us were some beautiful classic corvettes, however unfortunately for them the flowers of the Angophora gum trees were out and started completely covering their cars with their sticky white and yellow stamens.
There were many of  Perth's classic motoring clubs, showcasing hundreds of vehicles of all types, from trucks to buses, classic cars and bikes, to sports and performance vehicles. As well as a number of trade stalls and displays by complimentary interest groups, clubs and other community groups.
The last time we went in 2018 I recall seeing a large number of modern cars, however this year there was definitely a more “classic” feel to the cars on display. There were cars and people as far as the eye could see!
I remember while at the show talking to Liz and Rob about their upcoming holiday in Japan and that they were planning to leave the following week. We talked about the concerns around the news about COVID-19 around the world and at that time, although a bit concerned, little did we know how that would turn out. In fact, in was only the day or two before their planned departure that the Government closed its borders from overseas travellers and advised people not to travel overseas. This unfortunately was our last event before our club went into hibernation!

A big thanks to Ken for organising our location and arranging the club’s attendance this year and thank you to everyone who put their vehicles on display for the day.


The stats for this year’s show are worth noting. 78 motoring clubs participated this year. This was a record for participation since the show to Ascot four years ago. There were over 900 vehicles onsite. (although 1,064 RSVPd - Life gets in the way, and classic vehicles can be temperamental). Over 900 confirmed is an excellent result. A terrific public response of 1,800 people coming through the gates in the first hour.  Public attendance seemed steady all day. The final number through the gates was 4,209.  Fantastic.  When you add in the exhibitors and traders that’s about 6,000 people through the grounds over five hours.


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