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Local Car Collector - November 2012

In keeping with the clubs latest timetable of a meeting one month and then a outing / run the next month... The R&S club took a metro run to a local car collection for November. After a healthy viewing of the collection a picnic BBQ was held in near by Tomato Lake in Belmont. A beautiful day out and enjoyed by all. 

These runs are great for those not so meeting minded and would rather have their cars out and about on the roads. Check the Runs and Events page for the next up coming run. 








Busselton Car show run - November 2012

Well it has come around again, another year has passed since we were in Busselton.....

The North of the River Members will be again leaving Camberwell Park, Balga this time at 6-30 am, in order to be there on the Busselton Oval before 9am as Public Liability requires all to be in position before the Public arrive.
It is suggested that South of the River Members wait in / at the comfort stop (toilets) on Forrest Highway (continuation of Kwinana Freeway going south). It is about 18 miles south past the Pinjarra Road turnoff. Other country members may decide to meet us directly on the Busselton Oval.
No need to bring a picnic lunch at all. You can buy general food and drinks there.
Those that attended our Rally earlier this year and purchased the Blue Rally T shirts, if possible, are requested to wear them to this event.
So fill up with petrol and we'll see you on the way or there in Busselton.

Shed Cruising - October 2012

This is where members allow others to come and have a sneak peek at what's happening in their sheds. 

This trip we got to see what is happening with Adam's SV1 sedan and Tom's RV1 hardtop. Both are getting their cars ready for the 5th National rally held in Perth in 2012. After the  club held it's September meeting,  everyone got in their  cars and headed over to Adam's place first. The fine weather made the cruise very enjoyable. Coffees and refreshments were served thanks to Adam's Mum. After a good look over the freshly painted S-Series it was onto Tom's place.  Tom has gone for a 2 tone yellow and white paint job which was magnificent to see. Lunch was put on and enjoyed by all. 

Adam had his 225 Hyper Pack motor sitting nearby all finished and ready to install. Tom's will be a 273 V8. Both cars are push button automatics.

R & S Series Club Run with the Charger Club of WA - September 2012

Leave from the Balga club rooms at 10am for people north of the river travel Reid Hwy, Tonkin Hwy to Thomas Road to Byford. Meet up with others from south of the river at the BP Service Station in Byford then onto Langford Park for a picnic or BBQ lunch, then into Jarrahdale to view a Museum.

Rally Picnic - 25th March 2012.

If you would like to come down to South Perth with your picnic gear, a group is meeting just off Douglas Ave (Foreshore side of Mill Point Rd) in the park lands with the city view. Time is 1pm till 4pm. You will need to bring all you foods, chairs and what ever you need to enjoy the afternoon. Click on the flyer for more details. Its all part of the 50th year anniversary of Valiant's in Australia. 


All Chrysler's welcome. Do you have a Chrysler badged car ? 

Then come on down to the cruise of all makes and models of Chrysler cars. Meet at 3pm, Saturday 24th March 2012. At Lathlain Oval carpark, Lathlain. Between the suburbs of Victoria Park and Belmont. Its all part of the 50th year anniversary of Valiant's in Australia. 

Hosted and run by our good friends at the Charger club of WA.


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