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Over 40 years ago, The 'R' & 'S' Series Valiant Car Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts following an advertisement placed in local newspaper by Bev and Martin Wood seeking persons interested in establishing a car club for 'R' and 'S' owners. Each and every past member helped in some way to build the club to what it is today.

As mentioned we only had a small group of enthusiasts but decided to give it a go and it must be mentioned here that without the help of one particular couple I doubt we would have got the club off the ground. I refer to Peter and Margaret Mill whom were both a driving force behind Bev and Martin. Peter Mill became our first President and did a superb job and Margaret was Treasurer. 
Over the years many people came and went with some becoming committee members during their time and all brought new ideas into the club. Without a doubt the couple that set the foundations for the club were Jim and Mary Mitchell. Their home was always open to us and made you welcome. Jim went on to become the President and held that position for many, many years before handing over the position to his son Clint, who is our current Vice President. Mike Barker is the current President. 

Jim Mitchell has done more than anyone to keep the club going through the up and down times and is responsible for the club's longevity. No doubt his success has been helped by a dedicated group of members.

  • To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among members

  • To conduct club activities in such a manner as to promote restoration and preservation of these cars

  • To conduct themselves in a manner complimentary to the club

  • To promote good public relations for the club throughout Australia


As a group of car enthusiasts for everything 'R' and 'S' Series Valiants we meet regularly to socialise, assist members with the restoration and maintenance of their cars and discuss everything Chrysler.


On 4 May 1975, a notice was published in the West Australian Sunday paper "The Sunday Times'. The notice was printed in the Motor Mart Section under Valiant and asked for 'R' and 'S' Series owners interested in forming a club to contact the advertiser. The response was encouraging with 11 owners all of whom were very enthusiastic contacting us.

The first official meeting was held in Morley on Sunday 25 May 1975. From then on, several meetings were held to discuss a name for our Club and ways of promoting it. Members voted unanimously to call the Club the 'R' and 'S' Series Valiant Car Club of W.A.

Our next step was deciding on a suitable club sticker to attract new members. Members all tried their hand at designing one and eventually we chose the design now currently being used. T-Shirts were then printed with the same design as the stickers and the same colours, red, white and blue (Chrysler colours).

Meetings were originally held at different club member’s homes but as the club grew it became necessary to hold all meetings in a hall.
We have executive committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity and Public Relations Officer. Law and order whilst on the road is handled by our Sheriff.

Social activities and fund raising events were planned by a separate Social Committee consisting of 5 members. Our outings consisted of car rallies, barbeques, picnics, film nights, and night out at various selected venues.

In July 1977 our Club name was changed to the 'R' and 'S' Series Valiant Car Club of Australia and has been registered as such with the appropriate Government Department.

During the year 1977 our Club had several write-ups in the Australian magazine "Custom Rodder". We had many enquiries from Eastern States enthusiasts and in September 1977 another Club was formed in New South Wales. This Club is known as the 'R' and 'S' Series Valiant Car Club of Australia - N.S.W. Branch. Both Clubs are run on similar lines and keep in close touch with each other.

In March 1978 Chrysler Australia recognised our Club and were generous enough to donate trophies for presentation to winners of our Annual Car Judging. In addition to this Chrysler gave the Club a write-up together with photos of 4 members cars in an edition of their own magazine "CARE" (Chrysler Australia Reports Events) which is distributed to all Chrysler dealers throughout Australia.

There were many problems and many hours of work involved in forming the club and it will be quite a few years before it is truly a financial club with our own clubrooms, but it can only be as good as the members associated with it.

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