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Members Cars

Have a browse through a Gallery of some of our members cars.

We will be adding to this gallery all the time to reflect any newly restored cars or new members' cars.

Member's Cars
Liz Curtis' Car
Member's Cars
Member's Cars
Peter Mill's Car
Member's Cars
Steve Kent's AP6 Ute
Member's Cars
Member's Cars
Member's Cars
Ken Spurling's Car
John Huntley's Car
Member's Cars
Tom and Bridget Howard's Car
Member's Cars
Member's Cars
Member's Cars
Jim Mitchell's Car
Marin Wood 1962 S-Series Sedan
Jim Mitchell 1962 R-Series Sedan
Cavallaro 1962 S-Series Sedan
Graham 1962 R-Series Sedan
Neal Crocker's Car
Tonkin 1962 S-Series Sedan
John Ingham's Car
Shime 1961 Plymouth Valiant V200 Suburban Wagon
Ian Prosser's Car
Chris Kiosses' Car
John Mitchell's Car
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