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5th Annual Mopar Sunny Sunday

These sausage sizzles are definitely catching on! The Charger Club has their own mobile cooking station.

Murray McFeggan from the Charger Club served me up one of their popular hamburgers and a cold coke. This was my fourth visit to the Charger Club’s now annual Sausage Sizzle in partnership with Auto One, on Stanford Way in Malaga.

My son Cameron and I turned up around 10am and as soon as we got there, we could see a large turn out of cars for the event, even Jim’s red R Series was on display. When we arrived the sun was already beating down on us, I managed to get a nice red complexion by the end of the event. In spite of the hot sun, there were still a lot of people that turned up to show off their cars on the day.

As per usual Auto One offered their 25% off storewide for any purchases made on the day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything as only the weekend before I made my way down to my local SuperCheap auto store to pick up some supplies.

In addition to myself and Cameron, Jim and Clint Mitchell, Martin and Bev Wood, John and Ruth Huntley and Leigh Davidson turned up to show our support.

Overall, it was a great event and would definitely encourage our members to go to this event next year.

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