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Charge Club 25th Anniversary

Just after the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle that night the Charger Club of WA held its 25th Anniversary Dinner at Elmar's in the Valley. To all accounts the night was a great success for the Charger Club and had a great turnout. From our club I understand that Liz & Rob as well as Jim attended that evening and represented our club at their celebration.

All members attended their clubrooms and then departed on a cruise to Elmar’s in the Valley (an authentic German Restaurant and Micro Brewery in the Swan Valley), once they arrived the President of the Club, John Hartley gave a speech and welcomed special guests. Jim presented the Charger Club with a trophy to recognise their anniversary and this was followed by a dinner and then a closing speech by Life member John Urquhart.


Thank you to Jim, Martin & Bev and Michael for organising the trophy.

Remember to click on the image below to enlarge it!

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