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Father’s Day ‘Evening’ Event at Bunnings

Back in June, Bunnings contacted the club and asked if we would be interested in assisting them with their annual Father’s Day community events this year. Given that we have put on a show in front of their store for a few years now the word must have got out that people like seeing our cars there. It’s amazing how many people come up to us and talk about their own ‘classic’ cars, their memories of Valiants and in particular the R and S Series and in some cases, we have met up with new people with their very own S Series Valiant in the parking lot!

There were two events, one on the Thursday 29th August and the other on the weekend. We volunteered to assist them on the Thursday night from 6 to 8pm. This is Community Event held by Bunnings for families which includes activities such as Kids DIY, games and adults DIY and they generally get about 400 people coming to the event. That night they also wanted to have a bit of a car theme as well.

That night was eventful, not from the fact that they got a very large turnout for the night but it was also one of the first major storms to come over in a very long time. It was very touch and go and for about half the evening the weather was looking to hold up, but unfortunately the rains came bucketing down.

I would like to thank Ken, Martin, Jim, Clint and Chris for showing support on the night.

While we were there some of us had a bit of a look around for anything that we needed for our sheds or odd jobs waiting at home, and most of us had a look at the various events around the store. Although none of us were game enough to try going down the big air-filled slide, we all thought it would be a good idea to try and sample some hotdogs and a drink and even some fairy floss!

While outside, before the rains came in, we had a number of people come and talk to us about their cars and memories of the R and S Series Valiants! They all liked the cars on display. When the rain arrived we retreated inside and found a nice outdoor setting ‘indoors’ and waiting for the rains to pass.

While there I brought in my laptop with some old club videos that I had recently converted from tape to digital format in preparation for uploading to our website but also to have a look at what we could possibly show as part of a “Movie Night” at the club rooms one evening! Stay tuned for further news on this in future meetings…

Bunnings donated to the club three $50 Bunnings vouchers for being part of their event that evening. We may look to raffle them off in time for Christmas!

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