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Geraldton Trip Report

Bev and I (Martin) decided to take a trip up to Geraldton a couple of months ago hoping to check out the wildflowers, so we travelled up the Midlands Road. This took us through Coorow, Carnarmah, Three Springs, Mingenew, etc.

Back in 2005 we sold our Transport Business and intended to retire, however, the new owners asked us to manage the business for a couple of years, but this stretched out to 12 years and finally at the end of 2017 we said enough is enough.

The business grew rapidly and during the 12 years was responsible for freight deliveries to businesses throughout W.A. running road-trains with both dry and freezer/chiller trailers. Dealing with business owners from all the towns resulted in making some very good friends so this trip to Geraldton was an opportunity to call in on some of the owners and say hello.

On arriving in Geraldton we caught up with Club Members – Phil & Janice Nairn and spent two wonderful days and nights with them. There was so much to see on their property that wildflowers were the last thing on our mind.

The property itself was mind blowing, with superb ocean views and at night all the lights made it a real spectacle. The inside of their home is adorned with collectables and memorabilia like we’ve never seen before and an absolute credit to them both. Outside the various sheds were just as interesting with a collection of tractors and dozers all painstakingly restored to almost better than new condition.  Under the four-poster hoist was their beautifully restored green ‘S’ Series and parked on top was a very nice Mini Moke.

I spoke to them about the ‘S’ Series and they told me they had purchased it from South Aust. in April 2012. After getting it home the wheel bearings, brakes and tyres were replaced, followed by a full service. They then went on a trip to Pemberton. On returning home the motor and gearbox were removed and car taken by trailer to a restoration shop in Walliston in 9-2-2013 and work commenced on 13-2-2014. Progress was slow but this guy did just about everything including repairing and polishing chrome strips, headlight rims, hub caps, bumper bars, etc. to an amazing standard. The motor trimmer next door handled the seats, door trims, etc. all done in leather, beautiful.

On 27-10-2014 the car was completed and picked up on trailer by Phil and taken back to Geraldton where the motor and transmission, etc. were fitted up and modified tail shaft had a Toyota slide shaft universal joint fitted in place of ball and trunnion joint. Phil also fitted 7” rims to the car.

Not long after getting the car home Phil found some faults with the paintwork and once again loaded car on trailer and made the long haul back to Perth for rectification. He then fitted A/C to the car. In all a very nice example and a credit to Phil and Janice.

I must say it is one of the best quality restorations I have seen.

Bev and I returned to Perth without sighting a wildflower but we weren’t disappointed after having spent time with two wonderful people that opened their home to us and shared some wonderful stories.

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