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Mopars in Malaga Sausage Sizzle

I think these sausage sizzles are catching on!

This was my second visit to the Charger Club’s now annual “Mopars in Malaga” Sausage Sizzle in partnership with Auto One, on Stanford Way in Malaga.

We arrived just before lunch time and would you believe that Chris Kiosses rocked up literally 5-10 seconds before us at Auto One, we were right behind him as we turned in from Alexander Drive. I am not sure if it is coincidence or there is something more to it than that, as often I seem to bump into Chris or I see him zoom past our house while dropping off or picking up his kids.

Anyway, the day was not too hot (although I did end up with a red complexion by the end of the day!) and there were a lot of people that turned up to show of their cars on the day. Jim arrived earlier and as you can see from the  picture he got a prime spot in the centre of the carpark to proudly show off his beautiful red R-Series!

As per usual Auto One offered their 25% off storewide for any purchases made on the day. I didn’t buy a battery this time around, instead I bought some metal oil drip trays and some chrome polish recommended by Martin.

Overall it was a great event and I encourage club members to go to this event next year to support the Charger Club. In fact, this year, the Charger Club have requested to join our sausage sizzle event!

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