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Shannon's Classic Car Show

Neal Crocker, John Ingham and Ken Spurling all put their hands up to represent the R&S Valiant Car Club with The Charger Club at the Shannon’s Classic Car Show. This was the second year at Ascot Racecourse since moving from Whiteman Park. This was the first year that I had attended Ascot, the last time my family and I went to the Classic Car Show was at Whiteman Park in 2016.

We met The Charger Club members at 8am at the Belmont Sports & Recreation Club, Cloverdale. This was a great opportunity to meet with the members of The Charger Club and check out their fantastic cars!

Even though there was a reasonable turnout of cars at the event, there were a large number of modern cars on display, which in my opinion, has meant that the show has lost some of that ‘classic’ appeal of seeing older cars! I also thought that the layout of the cars at the Racecourse was not ideal when compared with the layout at Whiteman Park. Maybe I am just attached to Whiteman Park and don’t like change, but speaking to a few people at the show, it seems that some of that sentiment is shared.

One good thing about the show for us was that the position reserved for The Charger Club was excellent. We had some shade from the big gumtrees, although a few of us were a bit worried that a couple of broken branches stuck up in the canopy of the big gums would fall in the breeze onto the cars.

Even under the shade of the gums, it was hot! If you want to check out the toll that it had on John Ingham, check out our website to view some of the photos!

In the first photo above you can see myself (Neal Crocker) , my sons Cameron (eldest) and Mitchell, Ken, John and his son Johnny and his partner Susie. We all had a great time at the show and enjoyed being with The Charger Club of WA.

A big thank you to The Charger Club of WA for offering us some spaces with their club. It was great to be able to show the public the range of different Valiants by Chrysler!

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