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Bunbury Car Run

Bridget Howard

Arriving at the Baldivis BP on the Kwinana Freeway shortly after 7.00am, we fuelled up ‘Kruzn’ and had a bite for brekkie while waiting for our northern counterparts. The wait was insignificant as we watched 6 ‘R’s and ‘S’s roll in – Jim and Pauline, Stephen Graham, John and Ruth, Ken Spurling, Daryl and Mason and an acquaintance of Daryl’s : Ben and ‘sidekick’. Clint and Dean joined the motley crew in a ‘non Valiant’ vehicle!

John and Ruth had only travelled as far as Baldivis for a drive, so we waved them goodbye as we headed towards Bunbury. Ben, too, was only out for a ‘reccie’ run and departed our convoy a little way down the freeway (some nice quick pics on social media though – thanks, Ben! See you again, one day?).

The drive southward bound was very pleasant as some wildflowers were still blooming and we received complimentary waves and toots as other travellers passed.


We stopped at the Gateway Shell, parked, stretched and chatted, with a couple filling up fuel tanks, until Rob and Lois, John, Johnny and Susie Ingham arrived – Happy Birthday, Susie!!! In addition, we also had Mitchell family members, Mary, Tammy and Kirsty join us for the day, too.

The Ingham’s took the lead, gently guiding us to the car park at the Bunbury Geographe Motor Museum – a leisurely scenic drive where Johnny snagged the traffic lights to everyone’s advantage!


Under Susie’s carefully orchestrated planning and guidance, we parked altogether for optimal photo opportunity then it was time to meander through the beautifully set out Museum, admiring the old and not so old cars and motorbikes on display.


Once we had had our fill of motoring nostalgia, it was time to head back to the cars, take some more photo’s (family of Daryl and Mason’s had arrived for a quick hello and photo) and then head out for a drive around the beach, through the city centre and out to the Dolphin Discovery Centre – once we had found Steve, who was on his way back from a walk to the beach!

At the Discovery Centre, we headed straight to the Café for lunch then, once seated, proceeded to order our fare. Burger’s or Fish and Chips were quite popular with the majority at our table, though there were vegan options, a variety of pizza options plus other choices. It was a busy venue so having booked was a bonus.

It was very pleasant to enjoy our meal and chat amongst each other for the time that we were there. Unfortunately, we were unable to indulge in a tour of the facility, walk along the beach or climb the new lookout. Methinks that we will have to visit Bunbury again and probably make it a weekender visit – the Holiday Park nearby looked very inviting….!!!

Thanks to all who were able to attend – it was great to see you all! – and a massive THANK YOU to Susie for all her organisation towards the day and Neal in putting everything together to contact everyone for this event.

See you on the next run!

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