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Bunnings Balcatta Sausage Sizzle

Neal Crocker

Another annual event for the club was the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at the Balcatta store, however this year instead of sizzling those sausages on a Sunday we opted for a Saturday with the hope that we would raise more funds than the previous year.

This made a big difference for us. We were definitely busier than the previous years, with our best result so far by selling around 1,100 sausages. Although it probably could have been slightly better but unfortunately, we underestimated how many would sell and we didn’t want too much surplus left over. This year it was the total opposite, we estimated well under what we would sell in terms of sausages which meant a few trips to the local shopping centre to stock up on more rolls and sausages. But as we were buying retail, it ate into our profits towards the end! What made it worse was they we bought a lot of supplies thinking it would still continue, but then as numbers dropped we thought we could take some of them back for a refund…little did we realise that there was demand for munchies at the end of the day with more people wanting a hotdog in the late afternoon. This meant that Clint and Bev went back and bought the sausages and buns that they returned earlier!!

The weather was nice and pleasant (nothing like our first year!) and a lot of club members turned up. It was great that we had a large number of cars and we sectioned off the whole area from external traffic. Besides the fact that one person expressed his dissatisfaction that he could not park right next to the entrance of the building to Tom, we had a lot of public feedback on our cars. We even had a guy that was so happy to see other car enthusiasts at Bunnings, he went back home and drove back down to show us his old classic car!

Thank you to everyone that came pitched in and helped prepare, cook and serve the sausages and drinks. I think we are definitely getting better at this. They say practice makes perfect. I forgot to ask Lisa to get cooking oil! (of all things to forget) as it delayed the initial start of cooking that morning. Next year I am sure we will be like a well-oiled machine (literally).

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Finger’s crossed, let’s hope that we do a better job estimating next year and remember small things like oil ! Overall, it was another success for the club and the funds can be used to assist with expenses, funding the purchase of new club polo shirts and caps and food for the memorial run.

Please save the date on your calendar for next year where we do it all again on Saturday the 21st March!

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