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Bunnings Balcatta Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

Neal Crocker

On Sunday the 25th of March (from 7am to 4pm), our club hosted our second Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings, Balcatta. The weather for the day was nice and pleasant, at least it wasn’t like the scorching temperatures of last year! A lot of members turned up to the event with their cars and everyone also brought with them some large ice blocks to keep the drinks cold for the day. Everyone that came pitched in and helped prepare, cook and serve the sausages and drinks.

This year we ordered less buns and sausages (around 900 this time!) and it was good to see that we nearly sold all of them with only a small amount left over on the day.

It was a bit concerning for a while with the preparations, I ordered the sausages and rolls like last year, however after nearly a week I didn’t hear back from Tip Top bakeries confirming our order so I made a call to see if everything was ok… to my shock and surprise Tip Top Bakeries no longer supplied rolls anymore for fundraisers, so it came down to some last minute chasing down some bakeries to work out what options we had. I settled on buying rolls from my local Woolworths store (that has a bakery) as it was convenient and also the cheapest available.

I didn’t want to necessarily pick the cheapest as quality is important, however unfortunately other options priced themselves out of consideration. To make matters a bit worse, when I picked them up on Saturday they didn’t supply any bags, thinking that we were having our fundraiser on the Saturday. Luckily the baker suggested using some big bags to keep them fresh (this is what they use on their big bread towers to keep their bread fresh while waiting to be packed). Overall, I was very happy with the quality of the sausages and rolls this year, all things considered.

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The cars looked great out on display, they attracted a lot of attention, so much so that Tom Howard became the reside ‘guard on duty’ to make sure that no-one got too close with any trolleys or sticky fingers from the sausage sizzle! Tom was also answering so many questions and comments from people…. However, the most interesting question that was asked for the day was to Chris Kiosses when someone asked how much he wanted to sell his car for? The lady that approached Chris was so eager she didn’t leave Chris alone and just about chased him around the car park!
Also, during the day two other S-Series Valiants showed up, where the people were not members of the club!  So Jim was putting the hard word on the them to become club members 😊 What is great to see is that people are out there with Valiants and driving them on the roads! Fantastic. 

Liz did a great job of putting together a Raffle for the day that raised an additional $150 for the club.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the dedicated members who willingly gave up their day to help fundraise for the club. We can’t thank you enough for helping with the Sausage Sizzle and making this a success.

Also, a massive thanks to everyone who brought out their Valiants to help promote the club and show the public their ‘pride and joy’. Another huge thanks goes out to Will and Frank from Bunnings, without them this amazing day would not have happened, and run so smoothly. 
At our April meeting we agreed that we will do this event annually, however in future it will not replace the May car run.

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