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Charger Club Collie Event

Martin Wood / Neal Crocker

On the 27th July some of our R&S Members attended a Charger Club “Doug Chivas Memorial Track Day” event down at the Motorplex in Collie. It was a nice day for the drive down to Collie, everyone met at the Jarrahdale Shell service station (the same station that we met up before for the Jarrahdale run) then everyone proceeded down to Collie.

Members that drove down were Jim and Clint Mitchell, Ken Spurling, Martin & Bev Wood. They met up along the way with John, Johnny and Susie Ingham and met up with one of our new members Robert and Lois Doherty from Dardanup. Rob bought Martin & Bev’s R Series and is looking to restore it. Robert has been on our website and mentioned that he recently purchased a Radio for his car in pristine condition.

Just after we arrived new members Rob & Lois Doherty turned up in their black and silver ‘S’ Series.  So, we now had one ‘R’ and three ‘S’ Series.  Fortunately, the rain held off all day but it was bloody cold.

When then stopped to talk to Ken Eade along with Leigh Davidson in the Pitts Area. Ken Eade (past club member) had just come in from a race in his green ‘S’ No. 62 his brakes were hot and smelly and he was about to adjust them up to peak again.

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By now the first batch of competition cars were on the track and some very serious horsepower was out there and the noise they were making was incredible. Ken Eade was in his ‘R’ Series race car and showing just what a slant 6 can do, he has certainly got it sorted.

Most of the day was spent mainly at the track watching the cars race around while catching up and talking with people from the Charger Club as well as watching a few burnouts being done in “The Burnout Square”.

After spending several hours watching cars circling the track we were invited to do a parade lap of the track and it was a great opportunity to see just how sharp the bends were, even at our sedate pace.

For the “Inghams” the excitement was too much and Johnny took to the wheel of the R-Series and took it for a spin around the track.

Mention must be made of the drive into the complex as we came along the access road we were confronted with a tunnel, but not your normal tunnel, check out the photo Susie took from back seat of John’s ‘R’ when we were leaving.

In Perth we have the “Polly Pipe”, so I suppose this could be called the “Collie Pipe”.

Seeing some other S Series cars around on the day was excellent. The atmosphere was a buzz with all the noise of the racing and a great day was had by all.

Thanks to Ken and also Mr DQDGY of the Charger Club for the excellent photos. If you would like to see all the photos from the event please go to the Charger Club webpage.

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