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Chittering Car Day

Ken Spurling

Looks like being a good day, weather forecast 15 - 32 degrees with a windy morning.

Of the two optional meeting places, Camberwell Park or Gingers Puma Roadhouse on Great Northern Highway, I selected to go straight through to Gingers Roadhouse via Roe Highway to Midland then turning into Great Northern Highway. On the way the Easterly Wind was strong, bending the Gum Trees 35 degrees and buffeting my car such that it was hard to steer to keep in the centre of the left side lane. Guess I’ll have to investigate for any slight play in the steering.

I was the first to arrive at Gingers. In the meantime, John Ingham tried to ring me as they had driven from Bunbury to Camberwell Park and nobody else was there. I would not answer my phone while driving and I was about to arrive at Gingers anyhow. Once there I replied to John Ingham and then shortly after that the three Ingham’s arrived at Gingers. Other R & S’s were arriving, in total we had 9 cars, Ken Spurling in white S, John, Johnny & Susie Ingham in white R, Daryl Cook & Liselle in white S, Mark & Andrea Wroth in black S, John & Ruth Huntly in blue R, also John Huntly’s son and girlfriend in a 62 Dodge Phoenix, Brett & Lee Francis in a grey S, Rob Doherty in black and silver S, Liz Curtis & Rob in a white R. Liz and Rob being last to arrive noticed an S in the Shell Garage just short of Gingers, it turned out to be Rob Doherty’s car, Johnny and Susie tried to ring him, no answer, or it was a bad mobile phone reception area, anyhow they caught up to us as we were leaving with Daryl Cook as escort with the aid of his GPS phone.

We started off with a bit of apprehension of what to expect with road upgrades ahead at the junction of Tonkin Hwy, Brand highway and Great Northern Hwy, also the turn off to the Nesci Wine Farm, By Neal’s map it looked like we had to pass it and then come back (divided road?). But thankyou Neal for providing the detailed route map, it made us aware that there were changes ahead.

With Daryl’s good navigation it was a breeze. We turned into the Nesci Wine Farm to find it nestled among leafy Liquid Amber Trees which almost obscured it from view on the approach, we were then beckoned to park in an adjacent paddock North of the Winery and after a gold coin donation each car was given a numbered sticker for the windscreen and a People’s Choice slip of paper to vote for a car of your choosing or indeed for your own car if you so desire.

Please click on main image to see larger version, click arrow icons on main image or click on small images to navigate between them.

After parking somewhat together we went for a stroll to look at the cars while many more cars were still rolling in. The wind was strong, and the arriving cars whipped up a bit of dust, the flies were friendly too, but at least the wind curbed the fly’s ardour.

The many Market Stalls dotted between the shady trees consisted of Clothing, Plants, Trinkets/ Jewellery, Sheet metal signs, WA Handcrafts, several Ice-cream Vans, Fish & Chips, Hot Potatoes, Hamburgers, Fairy Floss, Expresso Coffee, Coffee Mugs & Wine glasses, Honey Stalls, Pottery, Paintings, and a Children’s Story Tent.

Entertainment:  Amongst the stalls was a Guitarist and further down adjacent to the Winery was a purpose-built Stage with items being performed.

Naturally one could partake in Wine Tasting. I meant to do it but didn’t get around to it!

After checking out all of this and getting a bite to eat, it was time to set up our chairs under a leafy tree to relax, talk and watch the world go by.

Later, we were joined by the arrival of Larry Banks in his Lancer, Brian Pursell and Martin & Bev Wood.

At approximately 2-30 pm quite a few cars were leaving and so we thought we ought to too. As part of the day’s proceedings Larry Banks was going to escort us to his place nearby to have afternoon tea and look at his impressive Car Collection and projects in his enviable large shed come workshop.

Through other commitments and distance of travel to go home our numbers reduced to just Ken Spurling, Rob Doherty, Brett Francis, Liz & Rob, Martin & Bev Wood and Brian Pursell going to the Bank’s home and shed.

Larry and Lynda’s relatively new home is nestled in the bush amongst the Gum trees. Between the house and shed was a couple of bird aviaries where Lynda is caring for a few convalescing magpies. I was glad to see a sprinkler system on the rooves for fire protection.

We parked our cars under shady trees and made a beeline to the Shed, …well ladies to the house and men to the shed. Larry showed us his nearly finished white 2 door R series with a V8 engine. Up at the rear of the shed was the shell of an S on a rotisserie undergoing rust repairs and priming. Under a cover was an S Valiant Station Wagon, A Cadillac ready for action, a couple of other cars and quite a bit of memorabilia. After considerable time spent here, we went inside the house for afternoon tea. Lynda put on quite a spread, scones, cake, and muffins. Most enjoyable, thankyou Lynda and Larry for your hospitality.

We bade farewell to our hosts and departed for our individual trips home.

I think everybody that attended enjoyed themselves including relatively new members Daryl & Liselle Cook and Mark & Andrea Wroth.

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