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Everything Chrysler Day

Bridget Howard

Saturday was spent cleaning and polishing our R Series (Kruzn) and S Series (Hobo) in readiness for the Show at Claremont Showgrounds, hosted by The Charger Club of WA.

While the forecast predicted rain, the skies prevailed with no precipitation and the cloud cover dispersed by the afternoon.

Upon arrival at Gate 8, we were directed to the Centenary Pavilion, parking next to Murray & Josie McFeggan’s CM Valiant GLX Sedan with Ron Day’s 1981 CM Valiant Sedan nearby as well. Ken Spurling arrived not long after us and parked just outside the pavilion, while we watched other exhibitors set up their displays and vehicles.

The Pavilion was nearly full when Jim and Dean Mitchell arrived in Jim’s red R Series, parking alongside the vast array of Chrysler’s – mainly Charger’s but Regal’s, VCs plus many more. The pavilion held about 60 vehicles and, throughout the course of the day, there would have been close to a hundred more parked and driving through the grass area and carpark adjacent to the pavilion.

Members from our Club who arrived to join the display included Paul & son, Rory Spittle, Brian Cluning – with his brother Neil – John & Ruth Huntly, with son & daughter (in law?), Leigh Davidson & friend. Arriving for a ‘wander, look see’ included Dennis & Anne Nankivell, Chris Kiosses, Daryl Cook, Mark Wroth, Peter DeLuca, Michael Barker, Stephen Kent – plus hundreds more like-minded motoring enthusiasts. We even had an S Series driver enquire and join our Club – welcome aboard, John!

For more photos please visit the Charger Club's Facebook Gallery.

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Sponsors of the event were asked to list their 3 favourite cars on the back of a commemorative tin poster, numbers tallied and poster winners advised – after the raffle prize draw, of which there was about 6 raffle prizes! A sponsor to this event as West Coast Mechanics, Tom and I had the unenviable task of picking three. Nonetheless, our sponsored poster went to Kevin Hammer, owner of a 1972 VH E55 Valiant Charger! Congratulations, Kevin! The poster sponsored by the Motor Museum of WA went to entrant number 14!!! Oh – that’s me, driving our S Series! Thanks so much, Patric from the Motor Museum!

I’m sure that all who attended would agree that this was a spectacular exhibit of many fine vehicles and congratulate The Charger Club on organising and holding this event. Check out the photos from the day and look forward to the next event where you can drive your fine machine of motoring achievement….

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