Everything Chrysler Day

Bridget Howard

Shining, gleaming, sparkly clean, our Valiant's were ready for the show! Sunday morning proved to be bright and sunny as we drove to Kwinana Motorplex—Tom driving our 'R' Series and me driving our 'S’ series. We met Mick Robson, in his red, cream topped 'S’, who accompanied us.
Upon arrival at the Motorplex, we were directed to our 'show' position and were greeted by Ken, Margaret and Peter. Ken had driven his 'S’ Series, Margaret was in her beautiful blue Charger and Peter his green 'S’ series.

We were shortly joined by Liz, in her white 'S’ series (for judging, along with ourselves, Peter and Margaret), as well as Jim and Dean in Jim's red 'R'.
Within time, we were also joined by Martin and Bev, who had driven their VC ute, with John and Ruth arriving in their Dodge.
Cars settled and awning erected, it was time to socialise and check out the rest of the talent. What a wonderful array and display we had — too numerous to list but the name of the day says it all Everything Chrysler!

In addition, there was a 'Swap Meet', with Steve Kent endeavouring to relinquish (or acquire?) a few 'treasures'; a Motorkhana; chatting with the Charger Club crew and their special guest, Cameron Tilley; traders and displays; family entertainment; and catching up with family and friends who 
dropped in for a squiz, with support and encouragement.

Needless to say, the Charger Club of WA did a magnificent job of organising and hosting this event and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. The Charger Club were also very fortunate to have the backing of many sponsors, which bore witness in the many and varied raffle prizes and trophies.
As the day drew to a close, many of us waited anxiously as judging results were tallied. With an enormous amount of talent on display, it would have been one helluva tough job for the judges, particularly as there was 45 trophies on offer. Nonetheless, we all watched, waited and listened as CCWA members announced trophy winners.

No-one was more surprised than Ito hear that our 'S’ won a trophy for 'Custom Interior' and our 'R' received 3 trophies. Peter Tonkin received a trophy for his 'S’ congrats, Pete! CCWA had very kindly organised a 'Tom Curtis Memorial Trophy' which was handed out by Liz; extremely touching, to say the least.

Well, the cars are having a rest now but I, for one, am looking forward to the next 'Everything Chrysler Day'. Thanks to all our Club members, family and friends that could attend and a massive Thank You to the Charger Club of WA for organising and hosting this auspicious event!

Happy Valiant Motoring....