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Parkerville Tavern

Neal Crocker

It was a great day for car run! The sun was shining and the weather was perfect, what more can you ask for other than a great pub lunch. Firstly, a big thank you to John and Ruth Huntly for suggesting such a nice venue and Martin and Bev Wood for organising the booking and lunch orders and of course Ken being behind the scenes chasing up people and emails.

The historic Parkerville Tavern is situated in the Perth Hills, opposite Jane Brook. It is one of the oldest pubs in Perth and has a bit of a coloured past…. If you are interested in reading up more about the Tavern please check out their website –

The morning kicked off with us all meeting at our regular service station of choice the Caltex servo near the corner of Toodyay Road and Roe Highway. Even though “The Foodary” at the servo is always open and makes nice barista made coffees this didn’t seem to tempt anyone while we were waiting for Stephen Kent to arrive in his 1977 CL Valiant Drifter Ute… It was great to see the retro paint work.

We had a big turnout with around 30 people arriving on the day and it was great to see John and Johnny Ingham come all the way up from Bunbury to enjoy a nice meal with fellow club members. After some chit chat at the servo, John Huntly was raring to go and he was the ‘first off the mark’ leaving the meeting point to make his way up Toodyay Road to the Parkerville. His taste buds must have been tingling in anticipation of having a pub-roast for lunch waiting for him!

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The journey up to the Parkerville Tavern, known affectionately as “The Parky”, was very nice with not too many cars on the road that day. Toodyay Road has been undergoing some upgrades recently and some roadworks were still in place as they were widening the road. I am sure it will be a really smooth ride once all the upgrades and improvements have been made.

It was good to see Ken keeping to the speed limit during the drive through the roadworks, but unfortunately for some of us, Ken’s renowned GPS took some of us on the scenic route past the turn off for the Tavern, so we were a bit late getting there.

Luckily Martin was on the street corner ushering us to the nearby parking area, just in case Ken’s GPS directed us to a ‘more scenic’ car parking location. Ken, as you had similar problems at the National Rally with your GPS maybe it is now time for a new one or an old reliable UBD. 😊

Once we were all congregated around the parking lot we made our way up to the Tavern and proceeded to sit down in a room set aside for club.

Our meals came out fairly quickly for people that ordered the roast and even though the other meals did come out later they were still worth the wait. While there some people went out the back of the Tavern to see the local Emus and Sheep...
Didn’t we have a lamb roast that day?

It’s was a great place to relax and have a nice meal and everyone had a good day. It was also great to see that Paul and Lyn Ferguson brought their parents for the run to the Parkerville Tavern. It is a good reminder that the club welcomes and encourages you to bring other family members to our runs…..

After a good hearty pub meal and coffees for some, we proceeded to make our way back home. This time I was following Clint and I think his personal GPS worked fine! 😊

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