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Shannon's Classic Car Show

Neal Crocker

Last month we did not have our normal monthly club meeting and instead decided to go to the car show.

Around this time (in March) last year was the last time the club attended an event, before the COVID pandemic hit Australian shores and it was only a few days later that we were all in a state-wide lockdown. This year, was also a similar with only just missing numerous “snap lockdowns” with the last one only one week after the show!

We have been very lucky in Western Australia and it was particular lucky that this event was able to be held. This year, like previous years, we returned to our favourite spot next to the Charger Club and adjacent to the “entry/exit” gate, which allows us to beat the queues at the end of the day. However, this was not the case for one of our members, Jim Mitchell, who’s Red ‘R’ Series held a special spot at the front of the grandstand, commemorating Australian made Vehicles! 😉

This year we did not meet up with the Charger Club at their clubrooms and instead made our own way there. We had an excellent turn out on the day with 11 cars on display! I think that is a record attendance for us at this show and it certainly got a few people’s attention on the day. Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t make it for the entire day, so his car was outside in the car park immediately behind us.


Given that the show was moved back one month compared to previous years the weather was not as hot as previous years. However, the sun still had some real “bite” to it and I think a number of us (including myself) ended up with a reddish complexion by the end of the day. Even though the trees nearby provided some nice shade and the portable Gazebo that Tom and Bridget brought with them helped alot! I am thinking that maybe the club should invest in our own gazebo for use at all of our events. 

But there were two ‘cool cats’ that didn’t seem to be phased by the warmer weather – no prize for guessing who!


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There were many of Perth's classic motoring clubs, showcasing hundreds of vehicles of all types, from trucks to buses, classic cars and bikes, to sports and performance vehicles. As well as a number of trade stalls and displays by complimentary interest groups, clubs and other community groups. This year I felt that the number of cars was more than previous years as it filled up nearly every corner of the grounds with only a slight open area at the northern end.

While walking around some of us saw a “unique opportunity” to part with $200,000. A beautiful 1958 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando (a perfect replica of ‘Christine’ from the 1983 movie of the same name) it even had a signed parts from the original car from the movie director and cast! Given the recently record sale price for an ‘R’ Series (see News section of the newsletter), I wonder if next year Jim doesn’t put up his own “unique opportunity” sign on his windscreen.


It was great to see a few different faces at the show this year and also see one of our newest members Daryl and Liselle bring their white Valiant. Also, a surprise this year was John and Ruth who brought their recently restored 2-door Valiant.

This year I was not sure if we were going to get the numbers as the email that I saw just a few weeks before only listed about five cars going. Maybe due to the restrictions that we have recently experienced more people wanted to get outside for the day. 

Hopefully next year, we could break this year’s attendance record. A big “thank you” to Bridget for organising the event.

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