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Sunday Spring drive to York

Martin Wood

At our last meeting mention was made of the up and coming annual York Fair to be held on the 1st September. This is a very big event and attended by a large number of car clubs, so after a show of hands from members in favour of attending, it was agreed on.

However, it wasn’t until later that I realised the day of the run (1st September) was in fact “Father’s Day” and I for one would not be going, so I contacted several other members and they too would not partake in the run. After a quick ring around we decided to have our run to York on the following Sunday the 8th September.

To cut this story short, Sunday the 1st was a terrible day with heavy rain and gale force winds, certainly not a day for an outing in York… from what I heard the numbers participating was right down and those brave people that did attend left to drive home mid-morning.

The following Sunday the 8th was perfect and we all met in Midland under beautiful blue skies. We departed around 10am and those in attendance were…. Ken & Gloria (White ‘S'), Martin & Bev (Blue ‘S’), David Wszolek (Grey ‘S’), John & Ruth (Green 'S'), Paul & Lyn (Blue ‘S’), John, Johnny & Susie from Bunbury (White ‘R’), Peter & Margaret - Margaret’s (Blue Charger) and Clint & Lisa - (Modern)

A very good and uneventful trip to York and we were fortunate enough to find parking in the main street all in Indian file.

We were booked in for lunch at 12.30pm. so we all went various ways checking out the many shops including a sweet shop and some antique/collectable shops. At 12.30 we met at the Settlers House where we have reservations for lunch. The meals were served quickly because of preordering and all able to eat at the same time. Bev and I and several others ordered the Sunday roast and it was superb.

After lunch some members went into the York Motor Museum where you could easily spend a couple of hours admiring the extensive range of various cars. Most of us had been in the museum recently so opted for a walk down to the river intending to cross the suspension bridge.

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By around 3pm, members were ready to head for home and those living south took a different route home to those of us living north. When we left, John, Johnny & Susie were still in the museum so we didn’t disturb them. John told me beforehand he had never stopped to look around in York but had driven through many times and was very keen to go through the Motor Museum as he had heard so much about it, no doubt it would have lived up to his expectations.

In all it was a great day and encouraging to see David bring his very nice grey ‘S’ on the run.

Also, Peter and Margaret in the beautiful Charger which they restored to a very high standard, I believe Margaret owned a Charger many years ago and Peter did this car up for her. Peter was in the passenger seat for the trip but from what I heard he is not a good passenger.

A rumour…. Keep your eyes out for another Charger, in its final restoration stages and looking good, can’t wait to see it on the road.

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