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Tom Curtis Memorial Run

Neal Crocker

Our annual memorial and Christmas run was a great event. There was a very large turnout for the memorial run this year, it was great to see the club room full with members and also with a few new faces.

Our memorial run is in recognition of Tom Curtis and as with last year, Liz hosted the Christmas Lunch at her home in Henley Brook. This memorial run is also a time for each of us to reflect on family and friends that are no longer with us and reflect on memories of people close to us.

After our club meeting, we planned a photo shoot of all the cars on Camberwell Park. This time, however, as we had a lot of members that came with their cars, we couldn’t have them in a line like we did the previous year. Instead we wanted to arrange the cars to make for a nice photo opportunity, something that we could perhaps use for other purposes. Especially given the large number, it was too good of an opportunity to let it pass.

Our trusty Sherriff, Tom with the assistance of Cameron and Mitchell, then set about directing everyone to park in specific spots to achieve a nice layout for the photo. Let’s say it was a bit more challenging and time consuming than initially thought and a few of us had to have a few attempts. We had to get that spacing exactly right between each car!

As you will be able to see from the photos we should all be proud of our efforts, and in order to take these photos luckily we found a ladder in the club rooms that we could climb, to get the best vantage point!

Jim led the convoy and Tom & Bridgett followed from the rear. The convoy looked very impressive and I think we did a good job to mostly keep together, although there were a few traffic lights that broke us up at the beginning. We took a similar scenic route as we did in previous years. We made our way down to Trigg and then took West Coast Drive north along the coast then east along Ocean Reef Road.

Please click on main image to see larger version, click arrow icons on main image or click on small images to navigate between them.

Even though the weather for the day was mild and not has hot as last year, Edmond Brooks suddenly exited at Hillary’s and went east at Hepburn. Initially I thought that he took the wrong turn off as the car in front of him was a bit further ahead. But as it was, his car was overheating in a major way so he had to leave to convoy in order to get home before he broke down. The cause of the issue was the radiator thermostat fell out and his electric fan didn’t turn on! Also apparently, this was the start of further troubles for Edmond with his Valiant…. He had to replace his Tachometer, MSD electronic ignition and also a new three (3) core radiator, new fan and another thermostat! They say things come in threes?

As we drove there were a lot of people looking at our cars drive. Later my kids found that someone had posted pictures of our convoy on Perth Classic Car Spotto on Facebook (

When we arrived we met up with Liz’s family and friends and after everyone arrived and we all had a chance to have a chat. A lot of people contributed to the lunch by bringing a dish to help Liz on the day. It was a great setting and the weather for the day was nice and warm. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves on the day and taking time to have a chat with other members both old and new. 

A big thank you to everyone that contributed in the lead-up to and on the day. It was a memorable day for everyone.

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