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Toodyay Car and Motorcycle Show

Bridget Howard

We arrived at the Caltex Servo in time for our departure of 8.30am along with Ken, Jim, Pauline and Christine, Stephen and Lisa, Ruth and John, Paul Ferguson and family, John and Rick.

Enjoying the scenery as we made our way to Toodyay, we cruised through town arriving at our destination of the Showground Oval. The very helpful and efficient parking personnel assisted everyone to prime parking bays. Once parked, we proceeded to a tent to register for the event, with the option of nominating a judging category for own vehicle; eleven categories for cars and about seven for motorcycles.

 Then it was off on ‘walkabout’ to peruse the other fine machines in situ. Well, Tom and I had a coffee first and Ken helped us set up a shade shelter. The Show organisers made special recognition for Remembrance Day, so we all paid tribute while listening to ‘The Last Post’, with kind words offered over the PA. Then we went for a meander through the grounds admiring the abundance of machinery on display.

Harley Davidson’s and Indian’s dominated the motorcycle scene, though a few other brands of ‘cycles were represented too. Quad bikes and off road bikes had their own designated ‘play’ area so we also watched some dare devil antics of some skilful bike riders.

Notwithstanding the awesome array of classic cars, we were privy to some very fine motor vehicles indeed. Too many to mention so I suggest that you check out the photo’s and video footage on, when and where able.

Please click on main image to see larger version, click arrow icons on main image or click on small images to navigate between them.

Throughout the day, a local band kept us entertained with rock and roll music, playing an excellent range of tunes. There were several food choice eateries surrounding the vehicle display, as well as some select merchandise vendors.

Towards the end of the ‘Show’ time, various items were auctioned to happy buyers, with funds going to charitable causes.

Trophies were then awarded to lucky recipients judged best for the chosen category and we were extremely honoured to win ‘Best Chrysler’ trophy! Woo…hoo!!!

A most enjoyable day, all round, with special thanks extended to the organisers of this event, who undertook a momentous challenge and succeeded: Congratulations and well done!

See y’all next time… 😊

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