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Winter at Whiteman Park

Cameron Crocker

It was a cold, winter’s day at Whiteman Park where we had out picnic lunch for our July car run. There was a great turnout of members, especially considering the chilly weather.

Due to the cold weather, the members decided to pull out their thermoses early for a soothing warm drink. Straight after, everyone began to put some snags on the barbie for a hot, Aussie lunch.

Once everyone had satisfied their hunger, a few curious members decided to explore the Motor Museum, and view some of the amazing vehicles it has to offer.

Whilst observing some of the amazing cars on display my Dad, Mitchell and I were taken by surprise when we discovered the W.A. Rodders’ Memorial Board, which had my Grandad’s name engraved on it. My Grandad, Arthur Crocker, was one of the first hot-rodders In Western Australia. This was a memorial to him, to celebrate some of the great contributions he had made to Australian hot-rodding culture.

After this fortunate discovery, a lucky few members even got a sneak preview of the new Motor Museum Extension! We got to have a quick glance at some of the remarkable and unusual vehicles which will soon be on display for everyone to see.

Overall, the picnic lunch was a great success, with all the members having a tremendous time socialising and exploring the many attractions Whiteman Park has to offer.

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