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York Motor Show

Bridget Howard

Our morning drive to Midland was through subsiding fog; the Ingham’s had encountered rain on their drive from Bunbury/Collie area. Nonetheless, we arrived at our meeting point with the promise of a bright day ahead.

We shared greetings with Jim, Ken, Peter, John, Johnny and Susie then commenced our drive along the Great Eastern Highway, through Mundaring and suburbs with a brief stop at The Lakes. Members of a Morris Car Club were ahead of our convoy and there was a variety of vehicles tailing us too. The drive through the surrounding countryside as we made our way to York was very pleasant. Upon arrival at the town, we followed the signs which led us to a grassed area adjacent to Avon Park, not before Leigh and his friend Ian slid into our little convoy.

Tom and I parked our Plymouth R Series, backing close to some bunting, followed by the Ingham’s in John’s R Series, Jim in his R, Ken in his S, Leigh in his S and Peter in his Charger. A quick detail of our vehicles ensued, some camping chairs were plonked in front of our vehicles ready for a sit and a chat, then Tom and I headed off in search of a ‘green tent’ to register our vehicle for judging; other members did the same shortly after. Time for a cuppa then, chatting amongst ourselves and a variety of Valiant admirers, Chris arrived to join our little array.

Shortly after Chris’s arrival, an unfamiliar S Series sidled into our area, parked, then Jim and Ken walked over to meet this new couple (Tom had seen them on his ‘walkabout’ and directed them to our area). A cheerful conversation occurred amongst us and this ‘new’ couple – Brian and Thelma – to the point of them joining our Club!

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Tom and I happenstanced a catch up with some old friends and newer ones, who had come to check out the Motor Show, then we managed a quick walk around ourselves – though, unfortunately, were unable to view the whole incredible display of the multitude of vehicles! However, numerous other car clubs were represented and many singular classics – of all sorts of makes and models – lined the closed off main street. We also saw vintage and modern motorcycles, trucks and buses, there was a good variety of coffee and food trucks, as well as numerous shops, eateries and hotels open in and around the town.

Fortunately, the weather stayed fine, becoming overcast in the later afternoon but, I’m pretty sure, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great day out. Our Club didn’t score any awards but it was prize enough to be amongst hundreds of beautiful vehicles, sharing the enjoyment with many like-minded car enthusiasts. Looking forward to the next Car Event…!!!

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