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This section contains Australian RV1 and SV1 specifications and links to technical and reference information

Our club is looking for any information on R & S Valiants such as service bulletins, fault sheets, installation guides, part list, old photos and memorabilia. Also If you want us to link to a website that you have come across or you are the owner of a website that contains reference and general information that you think will benefit the R&S Community please use the online form in the Contact section.

Website References
  • A online forum to find Slant Six technical info and where you can post questions and answers to Slant Six community.

  • Online marketplace for anything Mopar!

  • The National Register for Australian & New Zealand assembled

  • The Vehicle Register for Australian R&S Valiants

  • General website that links to many Valiant websites, companies etc etc

General Resources and Specifications

The following are some general specifications and information. Club Members please login to the Members Area to get more specific information, hints and tips and general advice.

Comprehensive R and S Series performance data and specifications from automobile-catalog.

Chrysler Valiant R Series History and Specifications

Chrysler Valiant S Series History and Specifications

Books to collect

The following are some details about books that you may be interested in getting to accompany your valiant!

Please Note: The specifications pages are for stock vehicles when sold new. Modified vehicles will differ.

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