Wheel Rim Renovation

Paul has kindly provide step-by-step instructions on doing a wheel rim renovation. He has had this on his job list for some time and recently the planets aligned and he found time to tackle it. The paint condition of my wheel rims was not the best and on show at the outer edges of the hub caps. My plan was quite simple -

  • One wheel off at a time utilising the spare

  • Tyre off the rim (I am lucky to have a Tyre fitting machine)

  • Abrasive blast

  • Powder-coat surf mist white

  • Refit Tyre, balance (I am even luckier and have a balance machine)

  • Clean and polish the hub caps

  • Refit wheel

This worked pretty well but was a slow process taking one wheel at a time to the blasters then onto the painters and back home again. However Peter Tonkin came to my aid and gave me two spare rims. Allowing the last three rims to be blasted and painted together. The result you can see from the photos, which certainly tidies up the wheel look. Another job off of the list! A bit of high pressure hose treatment before grit blasting:

Wheel trims before and after elbow grease treatment:

Wheel look before:

The painted wheel rims:

The Finished wheel look after paint with polished with wheel trim fitted:

If anybody else is contemplating a similar activity are most welcome to the spare rims I have. I will take the tyres off, refit and balance for you. Please contact me if you need any assistance.

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