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Electronic Ignition Story

Just recently I’ve been tinkering with my AP6 as it refused to start unless I put fuel down the carby and then it would not continue to run.

I took the carby Holley 350 2-barrel to the Holley Guru and when I walked in with the carby and before he looked at it he commented on the stench of stale fuel and went onto tell me the problems with present day fuel and the damage old fuel can do.

I was aware of problems as my Chrysler 300C with the petrol Hemi that sometimes sat for months before starting up and then on two occasions refused to start at all. I diagnosed problem to fuel pump which is electric and sits completely submerged in fuel tank.

I ordered a new pump and fitted the pump and problem was fixed. However, a couple of years later …the same problem, I might add here that the car had only done 300 odd kms in 8 years so still had the same fuel I put in it the day I purchased it.

Lesson learnt – another new fuel pump, some fresh fuel and an additive to keep fuel fresh, and more regular trips around the block.

Getting back to the AP6, once the carby was stripped, the old fuel had ruined the accelerator pump and metering block, both of which were renewed.

What happened to the days we left fuel in the tank for long periods, without starting, and no problems when we did want to fire it up.

So whilst the carby was away being re-built I decided to give the distributor a check over and clean and fit new points, cap, condenser and rotor.

About this time I contemplated fitting a new electronic distributor that I had on the shelf for a few years but never fitted. Surprise, surprise the unit is so big I can’t get it down between the sub-frame skirt and engine unless I jack motor up, and even then, once in the cap would be hard up against the skirt.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to get feed back from readers that had done the conversion on what unit they used and did they encounter problems fitting. Also, where they purchased it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I know some Slant 6 owners have fitted an electronic unit inside the original distributor but I would much prefer a whole complete new electronic distributor.


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