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What are the differences between a Q and R?

Can you spot the difference between a Q and R series? Two of the cars below are R and one is a Q?

If you guess the pale green one you would be correct!

But what are the actual differences between a "Q" Series 1960-1961 and an "R" Series 1962.

Jim Mitchell is the lucky owner of all of these cars and has has been kind enough to list the differences that he "has found" between these two models. Now if you care to disagree with this list or have some more differences that are not on the list below, I am sure that Jim would love to hear from you!

The differences (in no particular order!)

  • Horn Button (No Frame)

  • Door Pillars (Round)

  • Quarter Windows (Push button locks)

  • Scuff Plates (for pillars over size)

  • Boot Bracket (attached to inner wheel arch)

  • Bonnet Lock (Pin extra long)

  • Rear Tail Lights (Flash as indicators)

  • Rear Quarter (Stainless Steel strip different)

  • Door Cards (Pressed for insert design)

  • Valiant Badge on boot lid (Different size to “R”)

  • "Q" normally have the Alternator on exhaust side

  • "Q" some seem to only have front Bumperetts

  • Metal washers instead of plastic under inside door handles

  • Rear spring leaves square cut. Insert plastic between No#3 and No#4

  • Foot operated hand brake

  • Glove box key lock

  • Holes in rocker panels for drainage

  • No slave cylinder on clutch

  • Stop light switch part of Master Cylinder

  • Solid plate on Chassis rail above lower control arm

  • Chrome surround on front park lights

  • Springs under door trims bigger

  • Big kick panel slide into metal trim

  • Wheels standard 13”

  • Cowel in front of windscreen removeable

  • No Crash Pad

  • Voltage Regulator Located on Radiator Support Panel

  • Grill Badge and Horn Button Different Design

  • Splash trays between body & front chassis rail

  • Top radiator support panel bolted on not spot welded

  • Instrument panel dials are black with white letters

  • Australian "r" white with black letters

  • No strips on rear mudguards

  • No air vent in petrol filler tube

  • No black paint on headlamp surrounds

  • Indent in inner mudguard near alternator much smaller than “R” or “S”

  • Variable windscreen wipers

  • Four rubber spaces for bonnet

  • No indents in top or firewall

  • Ballist Resistor special on “Q” Series

  • Top suspension arm different

  • Rear tail lights have black paint in surrounds

  • Reverse lights have black paint in surrounds

  • Bonnet lock two stage

  • Separate left and right indicators on dash

  • Heater and black buttons different to Australian “R”

  • No Stainless spears on front mudguard or doors

If you want to see some more pictures of Jim cars please go to the "Past Events" section on our website and find the "45th Club Anniversary" event - 10th October 2020.


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